10 year old Sam looks after his Mum who suffers from serious mental health problems. Her illness means that Sam often has to cook for himself, his Mum and his two younger sisters and he’s always worried that when he comes home from school, his Mum might be in hospital again. This year, the Leeds Children’s Charity is giving him a break and taking him on holiday – all we’ll ask of him is that he’s a child again.


Leeds Children’s Charity deal with hundreds of children whose daily lives are a major struggle, whether they are a young carer like Sam, or a victim of abuse,poverty or neglect.  The ‘Champion a Child’ campaign is an affordable way for you to help a child like this have a week long holiday and enjoy being a child.



Through an annual donation of £180 or a small monthly donation of £14.95 (set up automatically), each year you will have raised enough money to send one child to Silverdale for a week of fun, something these children have never experienced before.  It is also possible to offer the ‘Champion a Child’ campaign to staff on PAYE as an optional contribution.


Package Monthly Cost Annual Cost Kids Helped
Bronze £14.95 £180 1
Silver £29.95 £360 2
Gold £44.95 £540 3
Platinum £59.95 £720 4


If you, or your company are interested in Championing a Child then please get in contact with us and we would be delighted to set it up for you or your business.