Leave a gift in your will

Charitable giving is a fantastic way of supporting a good cause after you are gone. There are three ways that you can leave money to a charity:

  • Pecuniary legacy – a specified sum of money
  • Residuary legacy- a percentage of your total estate after all costs, taxes and other gifts have been paid out
  • Donate a specific asset – for example, a property, shares or a valuable possession

As well as benefiting a good cause, charitable giving can also benefit your loved ones by reducing inheritance tax.

Why choose Leeds Children’s Charity at Lineham Farm?

We will offer information and guidance on charitable giving without pressure
We hold any information you give us in the strictest of confidence
Your gift will be used to directly benefit disadvantaged children
Your money continues to benefit your local community after you are gone

Next steps

If you’d like to discuss leaving a gift in your will further, one of our team will be happy to talk it through with you in more detail. Alternatively, speak to an independent financial advisor or wills and probate solicitor who can help you arrange a gift for Leeds Children’


Of course, you don’t have to wait until you’re gone to help disadvantaged children in Leeds. You can make a one-off contribution or give a monthly gift at any time.