Small Charity Week: Meet Dave Norman



Small Charity Week is a celebration of the wonderful and essential work that many small charities do all over the UK, improving the lives of millions of individuals and communities across the world.

As part of Small Charity Week, we thought we would talk to Leeds Children’s Charity Director, Dave Norman about his time with the charity, the people it helps and what the future holds. Here’s what he had to say!

1. Can you explain a little about what the charity does and who it helps?

Our charity works with and supports young people from Leeds who are from backgrounds of challenge and disadvantage. The young people are aged between 7 and 11. We provide them with free holidays or respite.

2. What made you want to get involved in the charity?

I have always worked with young people. I run a similar charity, as a volunteer, Serious Fun, and was instrumental in starting another charity, BARCA-Leeds. Both these charities work with young people and their families. I am a firm believer in social justice and the need for all of us to be able to access the education and experiences that we need so that we can all achieve our potential.

3. What do you think makes Leeds Children’s Charity so special?

The charity has been delivering its work for over 114 years. WOW. The charity has provided free week-long holidays for over 60, 500 young people. WOW. All of this from donations from the public. When you think about that, you realise just how special the work is.

4. Do you have a favourite memory from your time with the charity?

During the celebrations for the anniversary of working with our 60,000th child, I took my mum to Silverdale. She went there was she was 9 and it was great to see her back at the centre and sharing her memories of her time there.

5. What is next for Leeds Children’s Charity?

Although we have sold the centre at Silverdale our work is still being delivered but we are now working from Lineham Farm in Leeds. Lineham Farm was set up with a similar remit to our charity and our trust board and the trust board of Lineham Farm are discussing a joint future. Once this is achieved, the future for our work will be secure and working together we will be able to enhance the already fabulous facilities at Lineham.

For further information on Leeds Children’s Charity and the many ways you can support us, click here or call 0113 2454281. Alternatively, if you’d just like to donate to the charity, click here.

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