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“Our children and families are very vulnerable and needy and Leeds Children’s Charity  offers them an opportunity that is once in a lifetime for them.  The children come back to school excited having benefited from the whole experience, a memory that will last a lifetime”.
Margaret Beesley, Headteacher of Hugh Gaitskell Primary School


“Every child enjoys their time away.  Confidence, raised self-esteem and increased independence are some of the benefits for the children and it must be lovely for them to spend some time where life is fun and calm.  Leeds Children’s Charity is a fantastic charity and hundreds of children will look back on their holiday with fondness all their lives.”
Barbara Giles, Headteacher of Lower Wortley Primary School


“Leeds Children’s Charity offers something that we cannot – the opportunity for children to ‘get away’ from the oppressive circumstances that they find themselves in and show them a viable alternative.”
Jill Wood, Headteacher of Little London Community Primary School  


“On many occasions I have listened to the children’s excited expectations leading up to the holiday and then shared the obvious delight at relating all those holiday experiences on returning.”
Alan Scott, Headteacher at Brownhill


“In every case the children have come back enthusing about the experiences they have had. If I had not received this positive feedback, I would not have recommended children each year. Parents also have been very grateful that their children have been able to benefit from a holiday, when they could not afford to send them.   I have seen the benefits of the work you have been doing and I really hope that you can continue to provide this excellent facility for children in need.”
S C Myers, Headteacher, Whingate Primary School


“I wanted to report back to you some positive feedback that I was given on Friday by one of our parents. One of the boys that came to you during the summer holidays was TM. During the summer term he struggled within school and mum was concerned about him. She said that he came home from Lineham Farm and said what a fantastic time he had been given, he loved it. He has apparently asked if their is a possibility of him being able to go again if a space became available, I said that I would ask.  Thank you for being able to accommodate so many of our children.”    Anonymous