Who we help


We reach out to young victims of abuse in the hope of offering them the respite they need, away from the distress they face at home.

Abuse has many guises, whether it be physical, sexual or emotional, at the hands of parents, siblings, relatives or friends of the family. Whatever the situation, a child has the right to live a life free of fear, and at Silverdale we can make that happen – even if it’s just for a short while.


Case Study - Tom, age 7

Tom is the son of a single mother who turned to alcohol abuse when she lost her job. He sleeps on the floor and lives in constant fear of his mother’s next drunken rage.

They live in poverty, in a cramped house, and Tom dreams of his mother being addiction free.

Leeds Children’s Charity gave Tom some much needed respite and opened his eyes to the world around him. He enjoyed being cared for by our happy and understanding staff, whilst playing, making friends and enjoying the true essence of a fun-filled summer break.

Many parents and carers struggle to care for their children because of alcohol or substance abuse, mental illness or cultural challenges.

Neglected children are often withdrawn, sensitive and need guidance with basic tasks like washing and dressing. We provide this guidance in among the fun and laughs of a week’s break at Silverdale, so neglected children often return home more confident than they were before.


Case Study - Hannah, age 8

Abandoned at a young age, Hannah relished the chance to go on holiday with Leeds Children’s Charity where she could make friends, try new activities and have a week of fun.

Having been in care for most of her life Hannah, now aged eight, has never really known the meaning of family and the chance of a real ‘family’ holiday was just a dream, until we made it a reality.

Poverty is a real issue throughout the UK, with an estimated 13 million people living below the breadline. For children, living in poverty often means there isn’t enough food to go round at mealtimes, a hot shower isn’t available and toys are a rare treat.

At Silverdale, we make sure children who live in this way at home are treated to freshly prepared meals, an abundance of toys and games and all the support they require with the day-to-day tasks that we so often take for granted.


Case Study - Andy, age 10

From a young age Andy and his younger brother suffered physical abuse at the hands of his stepfather. The trauma came to ahead when the two boys witnessed the murder of their mother and the subsequent imprisonment of the man that had treated them so badly.

Sent to live with their estranged father, Andy’s life took another unfortunate turn when his dad suffered a life changing stroke. Now aged ten, Andy cares for his father and younger brother the best he can – constantly craving the fun and laughter he sees other little boys enjoy.

Going to Silverdale gave Andy the chance to be a typical ten year old, with an action packed week of fun and games to put the smile back on his face. Our caring staff made him feel right at home and he will cherish the memories he made for the rest of his life.

Being a young carer is a real strain on a child, even though they do it out of love for a disabled relative. Many of our young carers are yet to experience a carefree childhood – something which we pride ourselves in delivering, to as many of these exceptional young people as possible.

A week away from the physically and emotionally draining chores of being a young carer can make the world of difference to a child who has to behave like an adult whilst they are at home. With plenty of fun-filled indoor and outdoor activities to capture their imagination.


Case Study - Angie, age 9

Angie’s mother died when she was just five years old, leaving her to care for her paralysed father all by herself. Now aged ten, Angie is a full-time young carer which has deprived her of a real childhood.

Going to Silverdale was a truly wonderful experience for Angie, having never left Leeds before, and being able to experience the carefree life of a child for just one short week has left her with the warmest of memories.

Swimming in the indoor pool and baking with our attentive staff were some of Angie’s holiday highlights.