All of the children whose lives we brighten are taken on a week long break to a venue for children to enjoy time and space in a location by either the seaside or the surrounding countryside.


The children are carefully looked after by dedicated staff and a range of indoor and outdoor activities take place such as various sports (including a sports day), arts and crafts, dance and music, bikes, go-karts, walks, swimming, treasure hunts and bowling.


The activities allow the children to enjoy themselves whilst providing them with an adventurous, educational, inspirational and challenging outlet for their energies enabling the children to be happy, healthy, safe and secure. The week of fun enables the children to develop personal and interpersonal communication skills, confidence and self-esteem through team building and through forming lasting relationships with other children from different backgrounds.


The practical results of the project are evident in the behavioural change of the children which enables them to better cope with difficult situations at home and assists them in their school work and social interaction.