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The Leeds Children’s charity has enabled a substantial number of childen in my school to access a holiday that they wouldn’t have otherwise got. The children who attend have a thoroughly good time and come back sharing stories of making lots of new friends. Once they have attended one year they always want to go back and I know that once there they are a credit to the school. Thank you from lots of children at Cottingley Primary School.

Dianne Elson 

I am sure that you are aware of how much fun the children have during their time at Silverdale but you are probably unaware of the full impact these holidays have on the children and families.


Each year our Learning Menor and I discuss the children we think will benefit most from a holiday at Silverdale. The children are excited as soon as they are accepted and countdown the days. It is lovely to share their excitement and to put them in touch with others who have attended so they can talk about thier experience.


On their return to school the children love to talk to us about the wonderful meals, their new friends, the endless fun and how kind the staff are. Every child enjoys their time with you and it is wonderful to know that they have had so much pleasure from a hot drink and biscuit at night or time playing outside.


The parents are often in need of some time alone or with a younger/older sibling and I am sure it must help to “recharge their batteries”. I am certain many parents would like to thank you for the help you have provided at difficult times of their lives.


Confidence, raised self esteem and increased independence are some of the benefits the children will have received. For those children who have been living with adults who are stressed and anxious it must be lovely to spend some time where life is fun and calm.


Silverdale is a fantastic charity and hundreds of children will look back on their holiday with fondness all their lives. I appreciate that funding must always be considered but urge those who make the decision to remember that this one week away from the strains of family life has a massive impact on the whole family by providing time and space to reflect and plan for the future.


It would be terrible to think that this fantastic provision will come to an end and future generations will be denied an opportunity to have some time at Silverdale.


Your sincerely
Barbara Giles
Headteacher at Lower Wortley Primary School

Dear Verlie,


Churwell Primary School, Morley.


I would like to add my support to your campaign to obtain continued funding for your centre. Our school has used the services of Silverdale Holiday Camp for a number of years. The feedback from the children who have visited the centre is always positive and they have thoroughly enjoyed their stay. The parents are very grateful for this opportunity, which often gives them much needed respite time.

I hope that you and you team are able to continue to provide the chance for some of our most vulnerable children and families to use your holiday centre.


My best wishes,
Cliff Summers

To whom it may concern,


It has come to my attention that the funding for Silverdale Holiday Centre is under threat and this causes me great concern. So many children and families have benefitted through this charity in so many ways and this would be a tragedy. Our children and families are very vulnerable and needy and Silverdale offers them an opportunity that is once in a lifetime for them. It provides them with a tranquil, safe and enjoyable time where they can make new friends, excel and be themselves. Their families have respite and are happy in the knowledge that their children are being stimulated, nurtured and will return rested and refreshed. The children come back to school excited having benefitted from the whole experience, a memory that will last a lifetime.


It would be devastating for many, many children if Silverdale couldn’t continue.


Margaret Beesley



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Dear Mrs McCann


I am writing to express our sincere thanks for the opportunities that Silverdale offers to our children.


Little London Community Primary School nestles beneath the high rise flats just a few minutes walk from the city centre. Most of our children live in this area of serious disadvantage and come from single parent households facing challenges of worklessness, addiction to drugs or alcohol, lack of aspiration and a sense of despair.


We work very hard in school to address as many of these barriers as possible. We cater for 37 different languages and 7 religious faiths, 72% of our children have English as an additional language and nearly 50% receive free school meals. We have a team of dedicated teachers and support workers who work hard to provide an enriched curriculum and actively seek ways to make learning purposeful and fun but …


The Silverdale Holiday Centre offers something that we cannot. It offers the opportunity for children to ‘get away’ from the oppressive circumstances that they find themselves in and shows them a viable alternative. The chance to have a hot shower whenever they like, to sleep in clean sheets and but perhaps most importantly to be a child. To have the chance to play, make new friends and not worry about the responsibilities that have been placed on them because of their dysfunctional family circumstances.


One of our children who was lucky enough to be offered a week at Silverdale came back a changed person. She lives with her father – who struggles with mental health issues – and older brother who has little time for his sister. Mum left both children with their father when our pupil was just 3 years old. Dad has worked hard to provide a loving home but his daughter often finds herself taking a leading role in household chores, shopping for and preparing meals and supporting her father when he finds it difficult to cope. She was struggling to relate to her peer group as she had so much on her mind but after her break at Silverdale she is more confident, positive about the future and is enjoying learning again.


I appreciate that all charities are under pressure for funding and we will be holding a non-uniform day in order to make a donation to Silverdale. May I take this opportunity to urge new and existing funders of your organisation to continue their support of the excellent work this Children’s Charity provides. Unless you come from a background of little hope it is difficult to appreciate just what a difference this chance makes to some of the most vulnerable children in the city.


Many thanks for your commitment to improving the outcomes of children and young people.


Kindest regards
Jill Wood

Little London Community Primary School

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Statement of Support


I have been recommending children for breaks away at Silverdale for many years now, both in my current post as Headteacher at Brownhill Primary School and previously in my roles as Senior Year Leader/Deputy Headteacher  at North Farm Middle School in Gipton.


During this time I have put forward the names of countless children in need of a holiday, who otherwise would not have had one. On many occasions I have listened to the children’s excited expectations leading up to the holiday and then shared the obvious delight at relating all those holiday experiences on returning.


In my opinion, The Leeds Children’s Charity performs an extremely valuable service to young people in need and I would hope it is able to secure funding to continue to do so for many years to come.

Alan Scott

Brownhill Primary School

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Dear Mrs McCann


I would like to write in support of your charity, Leeds Children’s Charity – Holidays at Silverdale Holiday Centre. I have been a Headteacher in two Leeds primary schools since 1989. During those years I have been happy to recommend children to go on Silverdale holidays. Every year I would estimate that anything between 2 to 5 children have been on the holidays you run. So that could be 60 or more.


In every case the children have come back enthusing about the experiences they have had. If I had not received this positive feedback, I would not have recommended children each year. Parents also have been very grateful that their children have been able to benefit from a holiday, when they could not afford to send them.


I have seen the benefits of the work you have been doing and I really hope that you can continue to provide this excellent facility for children in need.


Yours sincerely

S C Myers, Headteacher
Whingate Primary School

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