Brightening Children's Lives

Leeds Children’s Charity at Lineham Farm is dedicated to brightening children’s lives by providing unforgettable breaks and valuable learning experiences. We work with the most disadvantaged children in the city, offering them respite from difficult, and sometimes abusive, home lives. A break at Lineham Farm is filled with adventure, fun and learning in a safe and happy environment – it’s childhood as it should be.

Our unforgettable breaks

Tom, 7

Victim of abuse

Tom is the son of a single mother who turned to alcohol abuse when she lost her job. They live in poverty, in a cramped house; he sleeps on the floor and lives in constant fear of his mother’s next drunken rage. Leeds Children’s Charity at Lineham Farm gave Tom some much-needed respite in a safe, inclusive and fun environment.

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Katie and Leo's day at Lineham Farm

Katie and Leo were so excited to tell me about their day and I am grateful that they had the opportunity to go to Lineham Farm because they had been so worried about their Mum.

We have helped over 100k children

It’s no surprise that in over 100 years, we’ve supported over 100,000 children, and we have no plans to slow down. In an ideal world, a service such as ours would not be needed, but until that day, we’ll keep supporting the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Leeds. We know that our work benefits the individual children but also has a positive impact on the wider community too.

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